Jewelry Services - Custom Jewelry Design & Manufacturing

The latest in jewelry design is now available at Jester Jewelers.

The 3D computer aided designs, referred to as 3D CAD, opens up limitless possibilities. These innovative tools allows you and our jewelry designers to create custom unique jewelry that are accurate models of your design ready for V-Ray rendering and ultimately manufacturing. These interactive tools allows  you to have control and customize your design while having flexibility to make changes ultimately creating the jewelry of your dreams.

Now you can create your own look and own uniquely designed custom made jewelry. From custom engagement rings and custom fit wedding bands, to resetting diamonds and gemstones past down from passed generations into new jewelry designs, superior craftsmanship has always been a part of our 75 years of business. Now combining our experience with the latest in technology we can create a piece of fine jewelry uniquely for you. For more information give us a call today.


We are excited to offer you Three Custom Designing options...

1) Coming soon to
Online customization jewelry software allowing you to customize jewelry right from our website.

2) CounterSketch Now Available at Jester Jewelers:  
The latest in 3D software where we allow you to take the controls.
Click here for a quick video demo 

3)  Matrix Also Availabe at Jester Jewelers:
For more complicated designs allow our jewelry
designers to create your unique custom piece of jewelry.
Click her for a quick video demo. 

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Click here to watch how a custom fit wedding band is made on-site at Jester Jewelers.

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