Buying an Engagement Ring? Buy with Confidence.

Choosing a jewelry store to buy your engagement ring from is a big decision. Here are some tips to help you know that you are buying from a reputable jewelry store. You deserve quality diamonds and jewelry at the best price without sacrificing experience, customer service and craftsmanship.  This is especially important when purchasing a ring to symbolize your love and commitment. 

  1. Search Reviews: New jewelry stores come and go overnight. Some jewelers are not as new or unique as they seem.  Some companies go out of business and start right up again, just under a different name.  Some jewelry stores present themselves as competitors working hard to earn your business.  However, many of these stores are subsidiaries of a huge parent company. Look up the reviews, search for parent companies or other locations in other states. Some of these stores you will find have class action lawsuits against them.
  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Read closely! Some of these guarantees are nothing more than a No Return Policy - leaving the store satisfied - not you - in the event that you need to return the jewelry. Learn more
  3. Experience: Ask the sales associate if they are an expert in diamonds and jewelry. How did they gain their knowledge?  How long have they been in the jewelry industry?  What qualifications do they have?
  4. Service: What kind of service do they provide? Can they size, repair or appraise your jewelry if needed? Is this service done on-site or is your jewelry sent out to a third party placed in hands of people you have never met? Learn more

These are just a few things to consider when choosing a jeweler. 

Jester Jewelers is committed to bringing you the Joy of Jewelry every day. We believe your experience should be a pleasant one and we value our customers. You can enjoy your purchase knowing we work hard everyday to bring quality jewelry at unbelievable prices. Understanding the value of your fine jewelry adds to the pleasure of wearing and/or giving jewelry. We are qualified to explain the value of any diamond or jewelry that you are considering to purchase from us. Have confidence knowing the piece of jewelry you purchase today will be worn for years to come because every piece of jewelry we bring to you meets our high standards of quality, value and craftsmanship. And we stand behind our jewelry. 

 We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Stop in, shop online or give us a call today!  513.241.1465