What Your Jeweler Should be Doing for Free.

Whether buying an engagement ring or other fine jewelry, after all your jewelry shopping is done - Beware of add-on charges! These charges can add up to be more than $1,000 over the original price quoted.

The initial ring sizing should be free. If the ring is a gift the recipient should be allowed to bring the ring back after they receive it to be measured.
Click here for more information on ring sizing and a ring sizing chart.
When purchasing both the ring and diamond from the same jewelry store, you should not incur an additional charge to set the diamond. Click here for more information on our diamonds setting services.

It is recommended to have your jewelry cleaned and inspected once a year. This should be done free of charge by your jeweler. This is different; however, from polishing your jewelry. 

A reputable jeweler should be able to provide you with a free estimate on repairs.

An appraisal, for insurance purposes, should be provided free of charge from the jeweler at time of purchase. 

Determining Real vs Fake
A reputable jeweler will be able to evaluate jewelry, such as inherited pieces, to determine if it is real or fake free of charge.

Your jewelry designer should offer a free consultation on all custom designs. They should provide design ideas, describe the process and provide an estimate before you make a down payment.

Your jeweler should provide you a liquidation (scrap) value of your unwanted or broken jewelry at no charge.

Free shipping should be offered on all new jewelry purchased.

FREE Watch Batteries
We offer free watch batteries on most watches even if they were not purchase from us.