2019 Engagement Ring Trends

We team with experts who scout out what's to come in the world of engagement rings. We keep our eyes peeled for that latest trends. As we celebrate our 80th year in the jewelry business, 2019 promises to dazzle and delight you. Through three generations, our family has been through the Vintage, Art Deco, and the Modern Eras.  We expertly designed engagement rings during these times. We couldn't be more excited to see the popularity of these styles return for all to appreciate their beauty.


The details of this style can range from a unique halo to more 
feminine details. These rings can resemble nature with their distinctive
shapes and floral touches. 

Art Deco 

eng ring
These styles have geometric lines throughout the ring that complement the center stone. It also boast strong clean lines, 
but tends to also have some elements of filigree or other gemstones that
complement the shape.


eng ring

eng ring
A modern ring is simple and has sleek lines. Diamonds can be set in a bezel,
channel or prong. The clean simplicity of this look is a style that will stand
the test of time.