Can you buy a diamond online cheaper?

Today, with the access of internet it is very simple to buy anything online, including diamonds. But, Buyer Beware! We want to explain why diamonds are different from other items you purchase online and should not be purchased from a data-based list aka virtual online inventory sites. 

Unlike cars, shirts, shoes, furniture and many of the other items you purchase online, no two diamonds are the same. WAIT What!?! That's right. That is why when you plug in the 4C's to a diamond website and a list of diamonds are spit out from their database there is a huge range in prices. If they all looked the same, wouldn't they all be the same price? Many think the cheapest one is the best deal, but that is very likely not the case. 

Both of the above diamonds received a G grading from the GIA. So, on paper the one on the left appears to be a better deal, but in actual comparison the diamonds are truly not the same. The one on the left was purchased from an online databased diamond retailer. The other was hand selected by a jeweler. 

Diamonds were created over billions of years about 100 to 150 miles below the earth's surface under intense heat and pressure. Because they are produced by nature most have some type of imperfections and blemishes. The result - no two diamonds are the same.
Diamond compare 2

The GIA has developed the 4c's - Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. These are guides to help us identify a diamond's quality characteristics. Understand that within each color grade there is a range of color. Meaning that the color G is a range of any color that is whiter than H but yellower than F. Each clarity grade has a range of imperfections as well. Cut, color and clarity each have a range of grades and each grade has a range of values. 
diamond compare 2

-As stated by the GIA, Beauty and It's Beholder.
The 4c's provide a way to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds,
but numbers alone can't describe a diamonds's beauty - for that, 
you will have to visit your local jeweler to see one for yourself.

So, we ask "Why did you pick the Cheapest one from the online list?"
 When shopping online we are trained to pick the "best deal". However, a person picking a diamond in a store see's the diamonds side by side they often then reject the cheapest one at first glance.
 So, you might ask " How do online database retailers get their diamonds?
Once diamond brokers have offered established jewelers their diamonds the leftovers end up on these diamond retail websites. This results in many of the diamonds you find online are what the experts like us have passed over. Keep in mind that when you shop Jester Jewelers online loose diamonds they have already been through the hand selection process and are here for you to come in, look at, and compare.
So don't compare diamonds by only their GIA 4c's grading reports.  Stop into Jester Jewelers to see how the 4c's come together to give the diamond sparkle, brilliance, scintillation and fire.