Casting and Assembling Custom Jewelry in the USA!

We are proud to be designing, casting and assembling custom jewelry in the USA!

To say Made in the USA jewelers have to prove that the gold and gemstones were mined in the USA.

Since gold is recycled, and new gold is mixed with the old - it would be very hard to substantiate that claim.

At Jester Jewelers, we do our custom design in-house and have our own on-site jewelry service shop.

USA Custom Designed Earring


Click here to shop jewelry that was designed, customized and/or assebled in the USA available for purchase!

 On-site Jewelry Repairs
Our On-Site Jewelry Shop is a full service repair shop.  Currently, our designer, jeweler, setter and polisher have over 100 years of combined experience. 

As a trusted jeweler in Cincinnati and within the jewelry industry, you can have confidence when you bring your jewelry to Jester Jewelers for on-site repairs.  It will be in skilled hands that have mastered the techniques of seamless jewelry repair.

Our jewelry repair services include:



In 2016 alone, we custom designed over 175 pieces of fine jewelry.
Some of those items are featured below.

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring Princess Cut Bezel
Rose Gold Diamond Fashion Ring
Custom Initial Pendant