Diamonds: Diamond Deal or No Deal? How to buy a diamond - confidently!

 Size Matters - So does Cut, Color & Clarity -
Diamond Deal or No Deal? How to buy a diamond ~ confidently!


Recently a longtime customer called me and said his friend found a 2.30ct round diamond, D in color and VS1-2 in clarity. He wanted to know if I could do better than the $14,000 price that his friend found in New York’s Diamond District. I explained that I could not answer that question because I did not have enough information and neither did his friend. He could have found a $31,000 deal or could be making a $2,100 mistake!  

In order to make an educated diamond purchase, all 4 C's must be considered.  In the example above, cut is not known.  A well-cut 2.30ct round diamond, GIA certified, VS2 (very slightly included), and D in color, should cost approximately $45,000. A diamond of the same shape, size and color that is cut poorly or has another defect can bring the price down to $11,900 or less.    

Follow this link to learn more about a diamond's cut. 


After giving him this information he went back to the store and decided not to buy the diamond. When you chose to buy your diamond at Jester Jewelers, we explain all 4 C's - cut, color, clarity and carat.  Our customers can buy with confidence knowing that they are getting their money's worth.  If a deal is too good to be true, it usually is!  Don’t make a costly mistake. Let us guide you through your diamond purchase - one you can feel good about!