Perfect Wedding Jewelry to Complement your Perfect Gown.


Congratulations on your engagement – and finding the perfect dress! Now it is time to consider your jewelry accessories. Below are a few things to consider to ensure you choose the right jewelry to accessorizes your wedding gown.

First consider the gold color that will look best with your gown color.

A white gown looks best with white gold

Marquise Earrings to match wedding dresses

If your gown is barely off-white we suggest choosing white or yellow gold.

For an ivory wedding gown, yellow or rose gold will complement nicely.

Next, consider if your jewelry will contain gemstones. Try to match the details of your dress to your jewelry. If you have bead work or pearls use jewelry that can complement those details.

Pearls are a classic bridal choice and will complement satin, lace, or pearl accented gowns.  


Diamond jewelry complements gowns with crystal beads or colored beads.


Diamond Jewelry with beaded wedding dresses

Sapphires are sophisticated and can be your something blue.

Sapphire Bracelet for the Bride

Consider a colored gemstone – maybe one that matches your wedding color. Every bride chooses a favorite color to express their personality in their wedding. Wearing a gemstone statement ring gives the bride a chance to wear her favorite color on her special day.




The style of jewelry you select can help set the tone of your special day.



Art Deco



Now it is time to decide what type of jewelry will work best with your dress - Earrings, Necklace, Statement Ring and/or Bracelet. 

The way you wear your hair on the big day will be a deciding factor into the earrings you choose. An up-do would look great with a nice pair of dangling or chandelier earrings.

Diamond Earrings

For a classic look go with pearls.

Pearl Earrings for a Bride

For an updated classic look choose diamond studs surrounded with a halo of diamonds.

Diamond Earrings for the Bride

Consider the neckline of your dress. If you have an open neckline, then your necklace could be a  statement piece. If not, then you may want to keep it simple with pearls. For more information check out our blog Matching Necklace to Neckline.


If your gown’s neckline doesn’t allow for a necklace then a bracelet is a must! All other necklines, the choice is yours.

A diamond bracelet is always elegant.

Pearl Bracelets. You can select a single or multi strand.

A gemstone bracelet to match your wedding colors. 



Other things to consider:

The setting of your wedding could help in the determination of your jewelry. You may want to use nature inspired jewelry if it is held outdoors or to add detail to an otherwise simple dress design.

Most Importantly - Let your own style determine what you want to wear.