We got your Backs!

An earring back is the mechanism that is connected to the earring which threads through the earlobe piercing. There are many types of earrings backs, some of which we listed below.

Post Style Earring Back:

Probably the most popular earring back style is the post earring style. Of the post style, the friction post and backs are the most common. 

 Friction back diamond earrings


But there are more choices, locking backs offer a very secure option. The back cannot slide past the last notch on the post without pressing the two tabs together.locking earring back

 threaded postthreaded backThere is also the threaded option where the post is threaded and the back screws on just like a nut and bolt. In all these post styles, the diamond, gemstone or gold design sits directly on the earlobe. Additional design elements can dangle from the stud/gold as seen here.

 Post style earrings with dangle


 Lever Backs:  

lever back earringsA lever back earring is a wire post that is shaped like a hook and includes a lever which flips up to complete the hook. These are easy to operate as the wire slips through the ear piercing and then the lever flips up into place. Simply pull down on the lever to open and the wire slips out of the piercing for easy removal. This back lends more to a dangle earring. 
lever back pearls

Omega Backs: 

 omega back earringsOmega backs are a post with a clip. The clip flips up to hold the earring in place and flips down to remove the earring. This style is great for hoops and larger earrings because the clip helps hold the earring in place. 






Wire Earring Backs:

French hookThere are several styles of wire earring backs. Wire backs can give an elegant look like in the French hook/wire. This is an easy to wear sleek and stylish look.

Fishhook earringFish Hook tends to be a bit longer giving a bit more movement to the earring, but still can be worn professionally. 

Shepherd's Hook is a fun and flirty style. shepherds hook

kidney wireKidney Earring Wire usually dangle just below the ear and offers a bit more security with the added wrap around hook. 

threader earringsThreaders, a newer fashion trend, are pretty much how they sound, like a needle and thread the post goes through the ear piercing. Threaders can be just a chain or have an added design element dangle from the bottom.

Hoop Earrings:
hinged hoop
Hinged hoops are hinged at the bottom of the hoop. 

Hinged posts are hinged at the top of the hoop at the post. 

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