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We set diamonds and gemstones into gold and platinum. There are countless settings styles. The size and shape of the diamond or gemstone and the desired style of the piece will determine which style is used. The prong type, prong count, setting style all plays a part in the overall design of a piece of jewelry

Prong Count:

A prong is a gold or platinum wire that is securely placed down onto the stone to hold the stone in place - the angles should be snugly fit to the profile of the stone.  The tips should be smooth surfaces - free of snags, and thick enough to support many years of wear.

1 Prong with Bar:
Trillion Peridot

2 Prong:
2 prong sapphire ring

3 Prong Settings: These earring setting are called Martini Settings.
14kt white gold martini set stud earrings containing two 7mm round lemon quartz gem stones.

4 Prong:
4 Prong Solitaire

6 Prong:

Bezel Set:
bezel Setting

Half Bezel:
Half Bezel

Bar Set:
Bar Set

Channel Set:


Pavé Setting, pronounced “pa-vay,”


Shared Prong:

Flush Set:

 Diamond Set:

East West:

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