Which gemstones affect your attitude!

Even without realizing it, color affects our attitudes. We naturally associate color with emotion which in-turn affects our attitude.
We uses phrases like this all the time.
Feeling Blue?
Green with envy

Below are some common instances where color affects attitude.

See what affects you the most. 

Looking for energy? Hoping to increase your enthusiasm?
Want to feel the power? 
Rubies and Garnets are gemstones your seeking. 
It is said that red encourages action and confidence to go after your goals. 


Looking for change? Emeralds and peridots are your gemstones.
Green gives you freedom to pursue new ideas while protecting from anxieties.

Emerald pendant

Serenity now! Needing some peace and relaxation? Try wearing blue topaz and sapphires.
Blue tends to calm and give a relaxing vibe that counteracts chaos. 
It also broadens your perspective in learning new information.
Blue Topaz Ring

Feel the love! Pink Sapphires, Pink Topaz, Pink Tourmaline,
and Morganite give the feeling of acceptance and contentment. 
Pink topaz

Feeling mysterious? Need to get your imagination going? Seek amethyst and tanzanites.
Purples rebalances life, removes obstacles, and energizes! 
amethyst ring

Looking to spice things up a little? Throw on Citrine or Orange Sapphire!
Orange hues increase creativity and can boost confidence to get involved.
 Created orange sapphire

Looking for a fresh beginning? Need to clear clutter and bring mental clarity? 

Diamonds are for you. The pure color cleanses thoughts and actions.
Diamond bracelet